Enjoying Florida Winters as a Senior Adult

Enjoying Florida Winters as a Senior

Winter months in Florida can be particularly enjoyable for a multiple of reasons, whether you live here year-round, or are just visiting.  Whatever your likes and interests are, you will find dozens of outside activities to enjoy.

  • The threat of hurricanes has passed.
  • Florida winter weather is extremely comfortable.  Most days, one does not need either heat or A/C in their homes.  Temperatures in offshore waters and pools, which can get into the nineties during summer months, have cooled significantly.
  • Rain is less frequent in the winter months.
  • Bird sightings increase and other “pests” decrease.  Alligators, snakes, and bugs of other sorts decrease in winter months, so hiking or walking trails is more comfortable and safer.
  • Festivals abound in the warm, low-humidity winter months.
  • Photography is a great activity to enjoy in the Florida winter months.
  • Take up painting if you have never tried it.  Or continue it if you are an ardent painter.  Being outdoors and painting wildlife in Florida winters can be very enjoyable.
  • Enjoy outdoor gardening.  It does not have to be strenuous.  Just a few pots of flowers or try your hand at growing potted vegetables, since winter is the growing season in Florida.  Try tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, or other items that do not take much space to grow but can climb on a trellis.
  • Visit museums of interest to you.
  • Go strawberry picking.  A trip to the west coast of Plant City, Florida could be a pleasant day’s outing and you will come home with delicious strawberries to freeze, make jam, strawberry shortcake, etc.
  • If you are a kid at heart, take a trip to Disney World, Sea World, or another theme park.  Just keep in mind when school vacations are because the parks get very busy those times of the winter.
  • Walk the beach(es) of your choice.  You will get fresh air and activity, Vitamin D from the sun, and should sleep better at night.  Just remember to wear sunscreen!
  • Go on a picnic.
  • Swim wherever it is most comfortable for you to do so.  Or just walk laps back and forth in the pool.
  • Biking and golfing are also very enjoyable during Florida winters if these are sports you regularly enjoy.
  • Go manatee and dolphin watching.
  • Enjoy picking and eating fresh oranges.
  • Many coastal areas of Florida celebrate with beautifully festive boat parades.